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Small Wonder Wig (Natural Image Designer Wigs)

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Retail Price: £89.00
Online Price: £74.00
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Wigs with tight curls are difficult to find, expecially if you want very natural-looking curls. Fortunately for those that seek a natural-looking curly wig there is the Small Wonder wig. The curls of the Small Wonder wig give the Small Wonder wig volume while the layers of the Small Wonder wig ensure that the tight curls of the Small Wonder wig don't become overbearing.


Ordinarily, curls like those of the Small Wonder wig might be quite hard to take care of. Worry not, because the Small Wonder wig is a synthetic wig, and as a synthetic wig the Small Wonder wig is much easier to take care of than human hair. Synthetic wigs don't loose their shape, so the curls of the Small Wonder wig will not drop out or loosen. Synthetic wigs also don't tend to knot as much as human hair, so caring for curls with a synthetic wig is that much easier.


Comfort is always important where a wig is concerned, expecially if the wig is to be worn on a regular basis. The Small Wonder wig is made with a "Comfort Cap" This means that the base of the Small Wonder with is breathable, allowing air to reach the scalp, and made of soft materials that are not likely to irritate the skin of the scalp. Small velcro tabs exist in the base of the Small Wonder wig so that the Small Wonder wig can be made to fit comfortably and securely.


Most wigs are made to fit the average person, but the Small Wonder wig is a petite wig. As a small wig, the Small Wonder wig can be worn by children or adults with smaller head sizes.


Designer: Natural Image Wigs

Style: Short, Curly

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibre

Wig Cap Size: Petite (Can Fit Children)

Colour Features: Natural Range

Shown in colour : Chardonay (22)



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