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Milan Hair Piece (Noriko Designer Wigs)

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Retail Price: £213.00
Online Price: £191.70
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From the Noriko Designer Wig Collection comes the Milan hair piece. Hair pieces are ideal for people who are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, but have not lost all their hair. The hair piece simply blends in with your own remainign hair, giving you a full head of hair once again! The Milan hair piece comes at a length of 57cm, but of course it can be cut down to suit your own hair style.


The Milan hair piece is a clip-in hair piece, meaning that there are clips sewn to the base of the hair piece, and these clip into your own hair, thus attaching the hair piece to your head. The Milan hair piece uses and arrangement of five pressure clips that lie flat against the scalp, ensuring that the Milan hair piece will too. Clip-in hair pieces like the Milan hair piece are reliable, and stay affixed to the hair they are clipped to, so they can be worn for long periods of time without one having to worry about them falling out.


As a monofilament hair piece, the Milan hair piece is extremely comfortable and perfectly suited to blending in with your own style. Monofilament hair pieces (like monofolament wigs) are made by individually knotting the strangs of hair to the base of the hair piece. This method of attaching hair to the hair piece base is the most natural looking attachment you can have. The tiny knots allow the hair to look as if it is growing from the head, rather than being part of a hair piece. This also means that monofilament hair pieces like the Milan hair piece has a cosistent density across the whole of the hair piece. Monofilament hair pieces have a reputation for comfort as the attachment method allows the base to be flexible, and the knots of the Milan hair piece won't be bulky against the scalp.


The Milan hair piece is a synthetic hair piece, but it still looks really natural among your own hair. The synthetic hair fibres used by Rene of Paris in creating their synthetic hair pieces is a natural looking fibre, designed to appear and behave as human hair does. Synthetic hair pieces are easy to care for, only requring a minimal level of attention. If you are seeking a hair piece to cover hair thinning, a synthetic hair piece like the Milan hair piece might be the perfect hair loss solution, as the volume of the hair piece will not diminish over time.


Getting a good colour match that blends with your own hair is important in making a hair piece look natural. The Milan hair piece comes in a wide range of colours, including ones with highlights. With all these colours available a suitable colour match for your own hair should not be hard to find, so the Milan hair piece is sure to look natural against your own hair.


Designer: Rene of Paris

Collection: Noriko

Style: Long Hair Piece

Material: Synthetic Hair Fibres

Wig Cap Size: Average

Colour Features: Normal Range & Gradient Colours

Length: -Overall: 22.5" (57cm) - Crown: 15.0" (35.5cm) -Fringe: 8.5" (21.5cm) -Weight: 4.0oz (115g)


 Colour Shown: Nutmeg-F


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