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Step On It!

09/02/12 by


Step on it!

Looking back on it, one of the best things that came out of 2011 has got to be the reunion of everyones favourite band – Steps. Whether you would admit to it or not, the bubbly 5-strong band was everybody’s guilty pleasure. Steps was the band we all loved for their music and personality, and each video bought a new and exciting look to the group – but was it always the style that won us over?

All that time ago, Steps burst on to our screens as five squeaky clean popstars with unique hair styles. Faye made a bold impression with her daring dreadlocks, Claire with her brown cropped pixie cut, Lisa with her bob, H with his curtains and Lee with his ringlets. At the time, they had the perfect image, and each looked great! Nowadays however, I’m sure this look wouldn’t go down too well with fashionistas – well, everyone has those pictures they would rather keep locked away!

As the years went on, Steps kept up to date with the latest hairstyles while still keeping us on our toes with their ever-changing takes on fashion. Faye ditched the dreads in favour of a Lee-inspired perm, while still keeping her bleach blonde colour. Claire also went blonder, while adopting H-like curtains. Lisa adopted Claires previous side parting, which was also a look sampled by H, while Lee kept his hair short and sweet. This definitely created a more mature look throughout the group, while keeping it fun and bubbly.

Steps were known for their outrageous outfits in their videos and concerts. The Buzz album was no different! Changing up the positioning on the photo and adding some more colour, the album cover saw an all over straight hairstyle sweep the band. Claire experimented with a hairpiece with pink tips, while H’s side fringe grew; Lisa kept her side parting, but had dyed her hair jet black with ice-blue tips, and Faye went straight with some bleach blonde extensions. The biggest transformation had to have been for Lee, who straightened and spiked what was before abit of a mess – looking sleek Lee!

That brings us to the present day Steps. Well groomed and perfect, Claire has a much thicker, shorter, blonder bob; Lee is well kept with his short hair; Lisa keeps her side fringe intact and her colour rich; H plays with a shorter, spikier look, and Faye lets longer, blonder hair flow past her shoulders – their updated style is far from a Tragedy!


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